August 13, 2006

Necessity of War

The world has lost it's mind. A so-called "truce" for peace in the Middle East? Not for long. Is war terrible? Absolutely. But a terrible necessity. There has been a subtle trend, fueled by the common messages of media outlets everywhere, toward the loss of distinction between terrorist agressor and victim. I've actually heard people say there was no such thing as terrorism before the creation of the Jewish state. How such insanity can be believed is incomprehensible. Israel has the right to their homeland, and they have the right to act in its defense. When attacked by radical "Palestinian" terrorists, Israel has the duty to protect itself by offensively going to the heart of the enemy and crushing it.

Equally incomprehensible are calls made by our President and Secretary Rice for an "immediate cease-fire," as if this would help matters. Israel is facing an enemy who openly spouts their so-called "religion" of hatred and violence, an enemy who is known to have the sole goal and purpose of wiping Israel off the face of the map. How can we call for a cease-fire between these parties? If Israel were allowed to continue to put pressure on Hezbolla, the terrorist agressor could eventually be vanquished. Instead, we cry, "peace!", allowing nothing but a brief interlude for the enemy to recouperate, rearm, and regroup.

"What can men do against such wreckless hate?" Theoden asked. A wise answer returned: "Ride out, and meet them."


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